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Image Opinions – Judges vs. Viewer Comparisons

Ma photo est la 7e du haut-My picture is the 7th from the top.

Photography Improvement

Summary – Two recent posts showed three judges’ selections for awards as well as the choices of 50 viewers. See how they compare.

Not surprisingly,  judges and « ordinary » viewers

Don’t necessarily have the same tastes when choosing images

Heck – even judges disagree with one another (ditto viewers)

I noted some favoritism in the viewers’ votes – expected I guess


Below are examples from the two sets of selections

Eleven selections each by judges and by viewers

1st: Images chosen by both judges & viewers

(These represent 10% of the total entries)

2nd: Chosen only by judges

3rd: Chosen only by viewers


There was even one image chosen

Only by a single judge (the most experienced) and zero viewers


The 1st eight hold universal appeal – judges and viewers both

Not so much the following two groups of three

What do you think separates the universal from…

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